Little Fish?

I took Bennett swimming at my aunt's house a few weeks ago (it's a heated pool!) and just got these pics from my mom... She was nice enough NOT to take picture of Bennett when he was screaming bloody murder from his floaty ring, but I think this first one really sums up his feelings about the whole experience... Seriously, click this one to make it full size. You will die laughing.

Once the initial shock was over he calmed down a little bit, but still never really LIKED the pool.

I hated swimming growing up and never wanted to get in the water, but after being pregnant last summer I have rediscovered the wonder of water. This summer is going to be even harder since I will be pregnant ALLLLLL summer, so I hope Bennett will get used to swimming with me!

(wringing his little hands... he always does that when he is upset. so cute.)


Park Day

A few weeks ago (I know, I haven't blogged in awhile!) we took Bennett to the park to hang out on the swings. To say he LOVED it would be a complete understatement. He wanted to move there. He wanted to stay on that swing and eat his rice crackers all day long. He wanted to take naps and watch Sesame Street from that swing. I thought he was going to cry when we had to leave.

Plus, there were some adorable little kids swinging next to him that told us "your baby is a lotta lotta cute!" Haha! Bennett was trying to figure out how they were swinging so high without a daddy pushing them...

Not quite sure about the sand... What a weird feeling on tiny bare feet...

I SOOOO wish this picture was in focus!! This was his face every time Ty would push him =)

Whoa dad... Too high! Where's my hat??



BIG News!

We received some big news and it has to do with these three things:

chocolate chip cookies from Safeway (and ONLY Safeway!!)

Apple Jacks cereal

And God's gift to me, tangelos!!! Oh how I love thee!!

Didn't guess my clues??

I'M PREGNANT! (and already eating my body weight in tangelos WEEKLY!)

When I got pregnant with Bennett I was expecting some weird cravings like pickles and ice cream, but did not expect to NEED the random items that ended up in my grocery cart (see Apple Jacks, above). Ty's favorite pregnancy story to tell is the night I was laying on the couch (probably trying not to throw up) and I yelled to him in the kitchen "TYYYYY, I NEEEEEED SOME COOKIES!!!! FROM SAFEWAYYYYY!!!!" His response? "We don't have any right now, but I'll put it on the list for you."


Five minutes and some tears later, we were in the car speeding to Safeway where I proceeded to open the package and start eating cookies before we had even finished the self-check out.

Tangelos became a staple the second I tasted one for the first time. I was very sick in my first trimester (a feeling I am remembering quite well these days) and only wanted to eat citrus. Weird. I am not a native Arizonian so I had not yet tried every variety of citrus available and Ty was really surprised that I hadn't ever tasted the juicy and sunshiney goodness that IS a tangelo. And once I did there was NO going back!

It got to the point that I told him we would have to name our first born T. Angelo. (Thank your lucky stars for a level headed father, Bennett!!)

Anyway- pregnancy number two is playing out quite the same as number one, and I hope it has a similar outcome- one healthy and amazingly adorable baby!

(and if we are getting specific here, I think I do want another boy!)

Just for Dad

My dad was in town for a few days in March and we had a GREAT time!! (even though we both forgot our cameras on most of the outings!) We hit up one of my favorite pizzerias, Cibo, and spent Saturday at the Renaissance Festival (the main reason my dad visits in March... haha).

We also arranged to have some pictures taken of my dad with his first (and ONLY for now) grandbaby. They turned out so nice AND our amazing photographer took such a variety of pictures that we got some family ones, some with just me and my dad, some three generation pics, some with all the boys, and my dad got some glamor shots too!

Here are just a few of my favorites (Dad, I'm sending you the CD so hopefully these will do until it arrives!)

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