Field Trips!

Sometimes I get really stir crazy being a semi- stay at home mommy... I get really sick of sitting at home doing the same things every day. Now, I'm not saying that every day is the same- Bennett serves up something different every five minutes! But sometimes it is nice to do something out of the ordinary just because you can. (and I'll admit- the shift in my adulthood 'freedom' now that I have a baby is still something I struggle with, so a dose of spontaneity is always good!)

This is a two-fer since I have TWO fun field trips to share today =) I know you're really excited!

On Wednesday Ty had to work late (not fun) so me and Bennett headed downtown and visited the Phoenix Art Museum! I had never been, but I really enjoyed the art museum in Chicago when Ty and I went a few summers ago. It was one of my favorite parts of our trip! Too bad it was one of the most BORING parts for Ty! Hopefully Bennett will enjoy the art museum enough to go with me on Free Wednesdays as he gets older :) I didn't take any pictures with my real camera, just my phone.

Exploring the statues and grass outside... not looking very happy...

Longing to do more exploring in the grass outside...

One of the five minutes that Bennett actually spent sitting in his stroller- he insisted on being carried the rest of the time. At least he helped me push his stroller =) and PS- I love how he is always pulling himself forward with the cup holders! SO CUTE!

The museum was featuring an Arizona artist named Philip C. Curtis and I loved his paintings!! A lot of them had bright colors and a lot of contrast so Bennett was enjoying them too :) I am having a hard time finding pictures of my favorites online, but here are a few of his pieces.

Outing #2

Today, Ty had a day off! Yay! He hung out with Bennett during preschool this morning and as soon as it was over he was expecting a nice relaxing afternoon lounging on the couch. Oh how wrong he was.
Me: Okay, it's time for our picnic at the park! Load up!
Ty: Oh. Park? Have we been planning this?
Me: No. I just decided. Are you ready to go?

Surprisingly, this was Bennett's first trip to the park! Does that make me a bad mother? Look how much fun he is having!

The fun was short lived. This goose is apparently TERRIFYING! Poor Bennett would not stop crying and trying to get away. Click the picture to see just how sad he looks. It's pitiful! Poor kid.
He wouldn't even LOOK at the geese after we stood up. I think we've scarred him for life.

Can we go home now???


Rub a Dub!

Bennett got to have his first big boy bath last night! He's been using a baby bath hammock up until now. He LOVES to take baths and splash the water everywhere. He usually has a very serious face while he splashes, but once we got him out of the baby bath, he couldn't resist some BIG smiles!!

Yes, I shampoo his bald head...

We LOVE this picture! Haha! His crazy eyes are SO funny!!!

Making his dino spit water on to the floor and looking the other way as if he has no idea what's happening... riiiiight....

Hmmm.... how can I fit my ducky AND my dino into my mouth at the same time?

Note the concentration in his brows...

All in all, a super fun bath!


The Butt

Here in our nest, no one eats the butt of the bread. However, I rarely throw them away... We find all sorts of uses for them (especially now that I am becoming domestic and *gasp* BAKING!)

One bread butt keeps our brown sugar perfectly soft!

What do you use them for?

Sweet baby Bennett is learning how to replace his own binky when he wakes up in the middle of the night (from, say, a million camera flashes...) It's pretty darn cute!


so sick

Poor baby Bennett... we are on round TWO of a double ear infection. The first one took multiple antibiotics and eventually an injection to get rid of. And round two is proving to be just as stubborn!

His whole ear-nose-throat system is having all sorts of issues and we have him on a breathing treatment 3 times a day to try to help him breathe a little better and prevent all the fluid from getting to his lungs. Yuck!

The funny thing is that they only sent us the adult size mask when we got his breathing machine so it is basically as big as his face. Oh well! Still doing its job =)


Little Chompers!

It's official- that toothless grin I have grown to love is slowly being phased out by two small chompers, right on the bottom. I can't believe how fast Bennett is changing. I wish time would slow back down to the DRAG it was while I was pregnant with him. Remember that? How the days were at least 38 hours long?? Yeah... Let's go back to that...

(Isn't this the silliest face?? haha!)

In other news, Bennett has figured out how to get up onto his knees. He rocks back and forth and then hits the floor with his tummy to scoot around. He is getting reallyyyy fast! I am already driving myself crazy trying to baby proof everything. I can't imagine what things will be like when he is full out crawling... Yikes!

I do love watching him rock his little bum back and forth on the carpet though. He's got one CUTE bum!! =)

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