such is life!

It is still January and we are already enjoying so many changes around here!

My favorite- NEW KITCHEN PAINT! Yay!! We have lived in this house for almost TWO years and our kitchen has been the same yucky color as the rest of the house the whole time. We picked out this beautiful, subtle blue and Ty has been working his hiney off trying to get it all painted in his snatches of spare time. As of today, it is finally finished and I can start putting our stuff back on the walls. It's going to be lovely! I keep telling Ty that all I want for my birthday in March are new curtains, but I might start bugging him for Valentine's Day curtains instead... I just can't wait!! (and I can't wait to post pictures once the project is done!)

Ty started school!! In a last minute decision (literally. classes started the next day!), he registered for two classes. Unfortunately, one of them was cancelled...  but still! One step closer to graduation day!

Preschool! This time last year, the idea of a home preschool was hardly a blip on my horizon. This year, I am filling up both classes at a pretty rapid rate! I seriously can't believe how early these parents are looking for a preschool! I have been getting about one email every day for the last two weeks and have at least two parents coming by every week to check things out! When I started classes last August, it was SO HARD to get my enrollment up, and now I know why! The parents weren't looking anymore!

I honestly feel so blessed to be able to be home with my baby (who really won't be a baby for long!) and to support Ty while he goes to school. AND still be able to do home projects without being totally strapped for cash.

What was that? Oh, sure. I'd love to have that cake.... And I can eat it too??

Don't mind if I do!


Yay Dresses!

I have this killer dress in my closet that I haven't been able to wear since I was barely pregnant with Bennett. It is that perfect dress that makes me feel like a knock out. It's navy blue and has just the right amount of stretch in the fabric, totally slimming. I'd wear it with red heels and walk down the hall feeling like a million bucks. In addition to starting this fabulous blog, it is my dream to fit back into that pin-up-girl worthy dress! It is hanging in a prominent location in my closet motivating me to get it back on!

I got this killer dress a few years ago when my sister in law did a trunk show for a website called Shabby Apple. Unfortunately, they don't do trunk shows anymore so I can't host one and share these fabulous dresses with all of you that way. BUT I just became an affiliate with their company! Which means whenever you click on the lovely banner on the side of my blog (you see it, don't you?) you can shop their online store that is chock FULL of self-esteem boosting, butt firming, and all around GORGEOUS dresses! (Did I mention they have maternity as well?)

I think this is the next one I want to buy...

Seriously. So many cute choices! Head over and pick your favorite. Then, convince your husband that you NEED it for your Valentine's Day date night! (How can he say no to that??)

PS- most of the dresses are *modest* for those of you who look for that when you shop for dresses (you know, teachers, drug reps, etc.).

Let me know what cute finds you are adding to your wishlist!

Oh and... YOU'RE WELCOME!! =)


The Big Reveal!

Is it just me or do three day weekends totally throw off your week? It seems like I would be MORE prepared to face the world head on once my work week actually begins, but I find myself scrambling and panicking more often than not.

The good news?

I spent my weekend working on my pantry! My first organization project of 2011 in my efforts to domesticate myself.

If you missed my post on facebook, this lovely lady was my inspiration: houseofsmiths.blogspot.com

If you haven't checked out her blog, do it. Right now. Really, I'll wait until you come back.

Anyway- THIS is her pantry:
Now, the LACK of thrift stores and chic garage sales in these parts make my endeavors a little less impressive. However, I will provide you with a before and after, so that counts for something, right?

 This picture has not been photoshopped in any way. This is really the filth we have been living with in our pantry. Oh, and did I mention there is no door to hide the ransacked mess? It's really no wonder this is the first project I decided to tackle this year!
Ty helped out too. And once he gets home from work, Bennett doesn't want him to leave his sight. Yes, Ty and the Bjorn are very good friends. (Also- I promise I usually dress my baby! This was a rare occasion!)

 For about a week our kitchen looked like an episode of Hoarders. No lie. This is only HALF of the pantry on our counter. I was going CRAZY.

 Next came paint. I don't know why the picture makes our paint color look like Kraft Mac&Cheese. It is really this sunny and bright yellow. It's beautiful. You'll just have to trust me on this one. Ty is the resident painter around here. He painted the shelves a bright white and then started on the yellow after asking me about thirty times, "Are you SURE this is what you want??" Smart man.

 I trekked over to the Container Store in Scottsdale for the large containers on the upper shelf. Aren't they lovely? PS- that store is like DISNEYLAND for anyone devoted to home organization! I am planning on using my Cricut to make some labels a la House of Smiths, but that is a project for a different day!
The smaller ones have pasta in them and they are from Target, surprisingly inexpensive actually. I was pretty excited. The pretty purple fabric box is from Target too. I got it on clearance a while ago and haven't found a use for it until now. It has all of my baking stuff in it like chopped nuts, white choco chips, almond bark, etc. It is a great complement for the bright yellow!
Until we get our 'overflow' pantry set up (another idea from House of Smiths), I am trying to fit all of our food into this pantry. Which makes it less appealing to the eye, but cmon- did you SEE the before picture?? ANYTHING is better than THAT! I bought a can riser to keep those organized and some trays for spices and things like cooking spray and marinades (on top). I used to have my spices in a cabinet, but I want to make better use of my cabinet space so they got booted out.
So here it is- yay! Snacks are on the bottom so I have to burn calories bending over to get them. Plus, they are harder to see when I am in the kitchen saying "I know I just ate, but I'm still hungry... what do we have that is at least 250 calories per serving?..." Um, yeah. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

So one more time, here is the before and after:
 The serving platters and other large bulky items from the top shelf are now being stored under the stairs since we only use them once or twice a year. The brooms and mops and whatnot are also in that closet with the vacuum. Surprisingly, I only had to throw away a couple of boxes of expired Hamburger Helper and I tossed a bunch of candy. Everything else from the Before picture has found a home!

My biggest tip, and advice that came from House of Smiths- get everything out of boxes if you can! Boxes take up SO MUCH space! All of our cereal bags are now neatly clipped and stored in a turquoise apple basket. Way cuter and much better for saving space! Cute baskets and jars are my new favorite thing to look for at thrift stores. I still want a basket for our snacks (look at those cracker boxes on the bottom shelf just begging for a basket to call their own!) AND some cute jars for things like baking powder/soda and salt.

I decided to post a picture of Baby Bennett every time I update the blog so that when I print my blog book at the end of the year, there will be a running record of my sweet boy.

We started him on solid foods just before Christmas. He is really loving sweet potatoes right now! Can't you tell?

 So proud of himself! I love my little munchkin!

Have a great week- what's left of it!!



Yes, it is January 15.

Yes, my New Year's resolution was to become a blogger.

Yes, I feel that blogging requires some sort of transformation. But I am determined to "become" one of those super hip bloggers.

For my first post in Blog Land, I will simply share this photo with you:

My two greatest loves. 

I can't wait to see what this year brings for my little family, but I'm excited for the journey! Stay tuned for more from Our Nest!

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