Moment of Truth

Who do you think Bennett looks most like?

Little Baby Shanda

or Itty Bitty Ty?

Here's that beautiful face again...


Climbing Monkey!

Bennett has turned in to quite the daredevil now that he has mastered the art of standing on his own! He wants to use just about everything to steady himself, from our legs, to the coffee table, to chairs with wheels (eek!). My favorite was when he tried to stand up using our dog's kennel. He got so excited when he made it to a standing position that he started tapping his foot. One thing led to another and that adorable tapping foot got caught in the kennel! He tried to tap it and up he went! He had a look of pure joy and pride on his face at first, but it faded in about 1.6 seconds and was replaced with FEAR! I mean white knuckles, looking death in the face kind of fear! He was holding on for dear life. I rescued him assuming he had learned his lesson: heights = scary.

Not so.

Every chance he gets he is climbing right up that kennel only to completely FREAK OUT when he reaches the top. Lots of rescues later, I am realizing he can hold on at least long enough for me to snap some pictures... (he hasn't fallen off yet, in case you were wondering!)

The second to last photo here is my favorite. He is starting to realize that he has left the ground! Haha!

The next post will include pictures from our Spring Break Week-o-FUN! (zoo, children's museum, cleaning! awesome!)



In a few short hours we will be welcoming Grandpa Lance (my dad) and Grandma Laura (my stepmom) to stay with us for the WHOLE WEEKEND! =) Bennett could hardly go to sleep tonight because of the anticipation... Okay, that's a lie. That kid can always go to sleep at night. Love him.

Here are some pictures from Grandpa Lance's last trip down here at Thanksgiving...

They live in Cedar City and don't make it down here too often, so we are always looking for fun things to do when they come to visit. This time it was easy. My dad is obsessed (I mean it) with the Renaissance Festival (hey, I spelled that right the first time! Go Me!) We will be spending the whole day on Saturday avoiding breasty ladies, shopping, and eating turkey legs to our heart's content! I am also taking them out to Cibo, one of my favorite local eats. We always run out of time to eat at my favorite restaurants together!

My stepmom also arranged for a surprise photo session with a real photographer for my dad to get pictures taken with his grandbaby while they are here. So cute. I think my dad might cry.

My dad has always said that he avoids mirrors so he can still pretend he is 17. He is an "Uncle Rico" for those of you who understand the reference =) When I got pregnant, and even worse when I had Bennett, he said he was finally starting to feel his age. Bless his heart though, he still tries to keep an energy level of a 17 year old including Black Friday shopping and chatting until all hours of the night.

I am sure we will have a great time together and I'm glad Bennett gets to spend time with his Grandpa and Grandma!


Big Boy!

Bennett always looks so grown up when he wear shoes! Haha! Maybe its the fact that little babies always have cozy soft socks on and big boys wear tough shoes, and maybe its the fact that he can STAND UP ON HIS OWN NOW! Oh man- this kid is killing me!

So far, no pictures of the standing... Seems that I can't get my camera fast enough before he sits down again. My favorite part of this new accomplishment- when he gets tired, he just kneels down to play. It is the cutest thing ever!

For now, we just have pictures of shoes. With big boy feet in them.

And sometimes, you just need to eat them...

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