Travelling on Foot

It's official, Bennett can walk.

I've been denying it for weeks now. Our friend, Blaine, told me that I was being so modest since most mom's freak out when their kid takes a first step. But in reality, it freaks me out that Bennett is growing up so quickly! Walking really takes the 'baby' out of him and I didn't want to admit that it was happening.

Even more so than having a second baby, seeing Bennett walking just reminds me that I am in a new stage of life (motherhood? adulthood? what do you call it?). Someone asked me if I had seen the new Cowboys vs Aliens movie and my response was "No. BUT I did get to see my one-year-old start walking! Yay!" He didn't get it.

Tucking in the elbows- could he BE any cuter??
Bennett hasn't crawled at all in days. He can walk without even looking where he is going. He can carry a toy in each hand. I even caught him 'talking on the phone' while he was walking around the living room. It is all very exciting, but still SO WEIRD!


Jessie said...

It really IS weird when they start walking, huh?!? I love it though. Being a mom is the best. :) P.s. I'm sorry I didn't see your comment until AFTER we were home from AZ!! BUT.. we are coming down again next week. We'll be at my family's cabin for a reunion, but we will be down in Chandler for a few days of the trip. I'll let you know when we are and maybe we can catch up! I'd love for our little kiddaroo's to meet.

katie said...

Movies? What are movies? Sounds like something unnecessary to distract me from reading the grocery ads and cutting out box tops...

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