Sometimes I read articles or recipes that are designed to help moms hide veggies and other healthy foods in their kid's dinners. Maybe I should be taking notes.

Ty's dinner plate vs. my dinner plate...

I think Ty's brother, Tom, said it best when he said, "that green stuff's not food- that's what food eats!"

We instituted a new rule at dinner- everyone has to eat a veggie!! Ty's favorite veggies are cooked broccoli and Brussels sprouts- the stinkiest ones! I don't cook them very often, but even still Ty is trying his hardest to eat some kind of veggie at dinner without gagging- usually corn or some iceberg lettuce.

Fortunately, Bennett is turning out to be a GREAT eater despite genes he has inherited from dad. He loves avocados, carrots, and even beets! He and I have been known to share slices of supreme pizza with a salad on the side. He even likes snacking on cucumbers and tomato slices. The only veggie this kid won't eat is green beans. Go figure.

Do black olives count as a veggie? Either way, they are one of Bennett's favorites! I like slicing them into little rings and putting them on his fingers!

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Holly said...

Reminds me of myself and fish. Despite my aversion to all things fishy smelling and tasting, the kids snarf down seafood when JJ takes them out without me. I've even found myself branching out to trying things over the years. There is hope for Ty yet!

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