Hair Cut!

Due to a *small* misunderstanding between mom and dad, Bennett got his first buzz cut! Here is a before and after shot...

Yes, I will admit he was getting kinda scruffy in the back (our friend called it the old man 'horseshoe'). I was excited to trim it up a bit and get him used to the clippers! Ty got him ready to go while I got the camera ready.

It was at about this point (see above photo) that I realize Ty doesn't have ANY attachments on the clippers! Bennett is quickly losing ALL of his hair!

Me: TY!!!! OMG you are shaving him BALD!!!
Ty: Yeah. So his hair will grow in more even. Right?

Well, seeing as how Ty had already shaved half of this little guy's head, there was no turning back.

Thumbs up, Mom! Nothing to worry about!
Of course, this little man will be handsome no matter what. And hopefully his hair will grow in thicker and more even.

But in the meantime, his head is prickly like a French lady's legs...


Paul and Jessie said...

well i think he looks handsome! :)

Paul and Jessie said...

also, i will send you pics as soon as i download them. :) we had so much fun!!

mandy said...

hilarious--- let me know how it turns out. i've always been tempted to try a good shave on my babies but we haven't had any opportune *small* misunderstandings.

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